Oil tank

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Oil tank

From the development of construction machinery in recent years, excavators have developed rapidly, and excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. Excavator fuel tank and hydraulic tank are the key core products of excavator hydraulic system. The harsh and complicated hydraulic control system of excavator requires strict sealing, volume and cleanliness of the fuel tank and hydraulic tank of the whole machine; Jinli Machinery carries out a lot of technical research on the sealing, cleanliness and surface coating treatment of excavator oil tank products according to the actual working conditions of excavator; Jinli Machinery is an engineering manufacturer of various brands every year. The company provides tens of thousands of high-quality, stable and qualified excavator tank products.

Excavator Tank/Fuel Tank Size/Hydraulic Tank Size/Cleanness Tank
Minimum 50 30 100 1.5 134L (full) 5.5T
Maximum 230 150 2500 50 460 L (full) 46T